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The Department Civil Engineering at understanding fundamental principles of enginerring concerned with planning desiging and construction for environmental control facilities and other structurel required for helth welfare,safety ,employment and pleasure of mankind.

The main aim of the department is not only to built a person with good engineering knowledge but also should have good knowledge of engineering ethics which is also focusedby department periodically so that the both public &private sector Since Civil Engineering is oldest & one of he core branch Civil Engineering it has vast scope in bothpublic & private sector.Many construction & designing firms are now a days in the field of Civil Engineering industry (such as L&T,ACC Cement,National Construction etc) which are giving employment to many engineers now a days .Also the students has vast scope in state government and central government sector as well such as in PWD ,Railway ,RWD and many more government which need a good civil engineer for the development of society

Er. Sahil Chhabra

HOD - Civil Department
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