Autocad / Revit

Autocad / Revit

AutoCAD is a software program which has been used in various industries for many years. This software can help architects, designers, engineers and more create designs and then see if they will work before spending money and taking a risk on the project. This particular product is used for the engineering of new bridges, buildings, stadiums, homes, electrical and so much more. This software is actually very helpful for engineering students, especially those that which to enjoy the impact of engineering. If you want to be a civil design engineer, you will need to know CAD, period. If you're going to be a construction engineer or field engineer, you may never see it, but many construction companies use it to track their as-builts and earthwork. Some use surveyors, but usually it's a recent degreed engineer whom they hand a GPS mapping unit to and point them to the field. A rudimentary knowledge of CAD and coordinate mapping will help you out there.


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